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Art and design concepts have been united at the Faculty of Art and Design at Istanbul Kultur University. Artistic production and contemporary methods in design form the basis of education.
In accordance with the principles ‘Participation, Sharing and Commitment’, Istanbul Kultur University:

            -gives importance to institutionalization,

            - supports the academics to manage the social and individual development of the students,

            - espouses the interdisciplinary approach that will cover the assorted problems of nowadays,

            - provides the environment to enable the creative works and researches and developments of the lecturers and with the help of interdisciplinary studies provides them the environment to expand their contributions to the art, and to increase the artistic and cultural progress both in the university and around and in this context, undertake this important role in the presentation of our university.

The Macintosh and PC labs at our Faculty provide latest technology, technique programmes and design programmes which are used in the process of student’s education. With the labs of ‘Animation, ‘Advertising’, ‘Phonetics- Diction’, ‘Web -Graphics Design’, ‘Editing’, ‘Public Relations’, ‘Acting’ and ‘Photography’, it is aimed to fulfil the requirements of the students’ application areas.

Our curriculum is designed for our graduates in order to have a successful job and profession in Communication Arts, (Advertising and Public Relations); Communication Design, Interior and Environmental Design and Art Management which have began to rise in the whole world.

All departments of the faculty of Art and Design at Istanbul Kultur University, Communication Arts, Communication Design, Interior and Environmental Design, Art Management Departments aim to make the communicators, designers and artists of ‘future’ gain all the required communication skills as well as to give them any kind affixture for the required conceptual and application cases required in their future professions.

           The department of Interior and Environmental Designs and the department of Communication Designs of our Faculty accept students with a special ability test. Students who pass the examinations OSS-SOZ, OSS-EA or OSS-SAY of the year can attend this special ability test and the ones who succeed, are qualified for the enrolment of the related undergraduate programmes. Communication Arts Department (Public Relations and Advertising) and Art Management Department accept students who get the required points from the verbal test 2 (Sözel 2) of the University Entrance Exam (ÖSS).

Best wishes

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Üstünipek
Deputy Dean