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Our Laboratories

The Faculty of Health Sciences at İstanbul Kültür University has equipped its laboratories with the latest technological equipment in order to strengthen theoretical and practical education with the help of its competent academic staff. There are laboratories for Anatomy, Principles of Nutrition, Microbiology, Electrotherapy, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation within the faculty. Our laboratories provide the required space and equipment for our students to carry out individual or group studies.


Anatomy Labs

Our Faculty of Health Sciences provides our students with the opportunity to take applied courses with anatomic models in addition to theoretical classes. Our students may study the anatomical structures of the human body in great detail at our labs where modern models of human skeletons are found. Therefore, they will be able to analyze and understand human organs and their relationships with each other through hands-on experience.


Nutrition Principles Lab

Our Nutrition Principles Lab was established with the objective of educating qualified dieticians by helping them improve their theoretical knowledge through practical applications and have discussion sessions on their field. Our 60 square-meter laboratories, where our students can practice their occupational knowledge, are equipped with all the necessary equipment and kitchen tools.



Microbiology Lab


Food safety is one of the most significant issues that have an impact on consumer health. Microbiological analyses are of utmost importance regarding the safety of the food that goes through a lot of processes during production and preparation for consumption phases. Our microbiology lab, which has been designed for applied education, was equipped in accordance with international criteria in the light of the developments and innovations in this field. The latest and most current analysis methods, which have national and international validity, are used during our lab applications.



Electrotherapy Lab

Our students may use the following equipment in order to practice their theoretical knowledge within the scope of electrotherapy and heat-photo-hydrotherapy courses:

•             Short-Wave Diathermy Equipment                          

•             Infrared Light Therapy Equipment

•             Ultrasound Equipment

•             Electrotherapy Equipment

•             Laser Equipment

•             Portable Combined Electrotherapy Equipment

•             Vacuumed Therapy Equipment

•             Whirlpool Equipment

•             Traction Unit

•             TENS Equipment

•             Hot pack

•             Cold pack


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Application Lab

The following materials will be used in order to carry out applied courses which are fundamental in the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation program:

•             Finger Ladder

•             Shoulder Wheel

•            Wall Bars

•            Parallel Bars 3m Platform

•            Ladder Platform

•            Thera-Band Exercise Band

•            Thera-Band Balance Board

•            Sandbag Set

•            Goniometer Set

•           Thera Band Exercise Balls

•           Thera-Band Digi-Flex Finger Exerciser

•           Thera-Band Powerweb

•           Walker, Tripod, Forearm Crutches, Cane