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IKU Bologna Accreditation Process and FEDEK

In 1999, the ministers of 29 countries responsible of the higher education, assembled in the University of Bologna (one of the first universities in the world) in Bologna in Italy and signed the Bologna Declaration, and with this declaration they commenced, de facto, the idea of creating a common higher education area in the Europe. The Bologna Declaration has the following goals: providing students with the higher education diploma compatible with each other, establishing two-stage degree system in higher education as undergraduate and postgraduate, implementing European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), enabling the mobility of students and academics, and developing European dimension in the higher education system. One of the most important goals of the Bologna Declaration is to form and spread the network of the quality assurance system. Turkey, after two years from the publication of the above mentioned declaration, participated in this process and accepted to be a part of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) which was expected to be formed at the end of 2010. At the end of 2010, with the completion of EHEA involving totally 45 countries, the participation of Turkish universities to the Bologna process legally became a necessity. The applications of Bologna process in relevant universities are fixed by the principles determined by “The Quality Assurance Standard and Application Principles” for higher education institutions, which was developed by European Quality Assurance Association and EHEA. In the light of these principles, universities were subject to the assessment and evaluation processes.