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About Us

Educational Missions and curriculum objectives of İstanbul Kültür University Faculty of Engineering Departments


To educate engineers who

  • Are able to know modern technology,
  • Are equipped with experience and knowledge that can respond  in area of production, implementation and management requirements,
  • Are able to work in international business world,
  • Has spirit of entrepreneurship, philosophy of professional ethics, and team work.


  • To provide up-to-date programs that combine basic science and technology in a balanced manner,
  • To enhance students’ mathematical and analysis ability; to improve  using analytical and model development tools in design, performance measurement, and assessment processes,
  • To gain experience from encounter subject and issues at the beginning of work with design and application projects,
  • To increase sensitivity and provide the cultural and social background to predict results and perceive economical and social dimensions of technical solutions,
  • To create opportunities to develop interdiciplinary projects with other professions groups.
  • To develop students’ verbal and written expression skills, organize events to improve communication skills.