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Dean's Message

Dear students, dear friends. 




The Faculty of Art and Design of Istanbul Kültür University was born out of the synergy between art, design and communication. The aim of the Faculty is to develop the social skills, aesthetic perception, universal values of future artists, designers, specialists in the areas of media. Our departments include Communication Arts (Advertising and Public Relations), Art Management, Communication Design, Cinema and Television, Cartoon and Animation and New Media and Communication where our students follow the latest developments in technology, with the help of well-known and experiences staff. The education of the students is geared towards practice, where they will, once graduated, be able “create a difference in their fields”.   




It is common knowledge that art, design, informatics, communication and technology define the balance of power in the world of the 21st century. In this context, the synergy between art, design and technology creates areas of expertise that will “shape the professions of the future”. The professions of the future are taught at our Faculty, taking into consideration the demands of the industry, in order to shape the “leaders of the future”. This is how we see our students. 



We believe that in order to be “a person sought out for in the professions of the future”, as well as to “get a head start in the area of expertise desired”, Kültür University is the right place to provide this education in art, design and communication as a “way of life”.  




Best wishes

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Üstünipek
Deputy Dean