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About Us

The Faculty of Art and Design at Istanbul Kültür University, encompasses and unites the concepts of art, communication and design. Making art and applying design through contemporary methods are the principles of our education. In our Faculty, students are able to use the latest softwares and design programmes in the Macintosh, PC and Digital Labs, which have the latest technologies. The practical aspect of the course programme is met through “Animation”, “Advertisement”, “Painting”, “Design”, “Editing”, “Public Relations”, “Acting”, “Photography” workshops and studio spaces available for the students. 


The course programmes for the departments of Communication Arts (Advertisement and Public Relations), Communication Design (Multimedia), Arts Management, Cinema and Television, New Media and Communication and Cartoon and Animation have been planned in order to increase the job opportunities for graduating students. The aim of the study programmes is to educate the future designers and artists not only in the practical field, but also to provide a rich theoretical and critical background. This way, students will be equipped with all the tools necessary in the national and international corporal and practical arenas. 


The Communication Arts, Communication Design and Cinema and Television departments recruits students with the TS1 points; the Arts Management and New Media and Communication departments with the TS2 points. 


Our new department Cartoon and Animation recruits students with performance based assessments.


It is planned to recruit students to our new Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department in 2017- 2018 Academic year.