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About Us

The basic science fields aim at understanding the basic modus operandi of nature, the social-cultural formation of the individuals, the role of language and orientate all these fields in human perception. For this reason, these basic science fields are significant and important both for developing the worldview of the individuals who determine the future and for preparing the substructure of other disciplines.

Since its foundation in 1997 Istanbul Kultur University Faculty of Science and Letters provides education with its competent staff who are among the best in Turkey in their fields.

We offer double major program for successful students at the earliest in their third and very latest in their fifth semester. In addition, students can attend major programs.

The faculty provides the students with the opportunity of studying abroad as part of Erasmus/Socrates exchange programs. 

The students during their undergraduate study also have the opportunity to take courses from graduate program, prepare themselves for the postgraduate studies. Students who continue to undergraduate programs can take three courses from one of the graduate programs in their final year. The courses taken in the senior year can be substituted for the graduate courses of students who wish to continue the postgraduate program.

All the departments offer master degrees. The departments of Mathematics and Computer, Turkish Language and Literature and Molecular Biology and Genetics offer docteral degrees.

Students graduating from the faculity courses academic career and teach teach in the secondary education institutions or in the higher education institutions.

Additionally, the graduates of Faculty of Science and Letters can work in the following related fields.

Mathematics and Computer Science: data processing and planning departments, programming, systems analysis, technical support, web design and software, banking and insurance business, stock market and finance, statistics.

English Language and Literature: translation, arts and culture consultancy, different sectors such as theater, mass media, advertising, communications and business world.

Turkish Language and Literature: mass-media world, television, public relations institutions and publishing houses.

Physics: the research and development laboratory of several institutions and organizations and in every field requiring the measurement and analysis by using physics methods.

Molecular Biology and Genetics: companies performing a service in the fields of genetic engineering, and in the medicament, food, medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry and environmental organizations, which make production and work based upon the biotechnology, and the research and development, application and marketing areas.

Psychology: hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, kindergartens, social services, family courts, factories as business psychologists, human resources consulting firms, and research centers.