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Director's Message

Dear Students,

One of the most important problems Turkey and the World has in vocational education is the weak practical support.

Practices that are launched in several institutions in the field of education and referred to as workplace practices and internship are in fact the first step of the cooperation between the university and the industry. Surely, this cooperation is not limited to the field of employment. Our agreements with three major organized industrial zones in the European side of Istanbul have begun providing us opportunities in terms of workplace practices, post-graduation employment and research and development opportunities.

Vocational Undergraduate School for Technical Science (VUSTS) consists of eight programs, six of which are fulltime and two are secondary (evening) education. Studio, workshop etc. requirements of every program opened were prepared as appropriate for the field. Currently a MAC, 3 PC laboratories, 1 TV studio, 1 production workshop, analog and digital electronics laboratories, and a PLC laboratory are ready for use in education of our students.

Our faculty members follow the latest developments throughout the world and further supplement their competencies in their fields as required by the academic discipline. In addition, we continue to strengthen the ties between the students and the industry with conferences, seminars, and workshops held with participation by national and international pragmatists.

Moreover, we also have efforts for accreditation process for the purpose of having out education inspected and accredited by internationally recognized bodies.

We educate our prospective graduates in ensuring that they are capable of meeting the skilled labor force requirements of the public and private sectors. Our graduates have say in the industry in the fields of project preparation, project development and project management.

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Tayfun Kaynaş