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Besides formal education, IKUSEM has been founded to provide all the educational needs of the institutions and furnishes educational insight that works with and discusses issues with an approach uniting theory and practice. When compared with developed countries, it is evident that the annual education given to employees in Turkey is at an insufficient level. As it is known, the most important resource in business is “human resources”. The investment made in human resources is critically important to provide a competitive advantage.
The integration of the employees with their work affects the quality of their goods and services positively. Consequently, “training” is a must in order to remove the insufficiency of the employees while working. So, IKUSEM implements both longer-term certificate programs and shorter-term training programs for different institutions, taking into consideration the above visions. Also, IKUSEM works on certain activities that will help the local people to obtain particular jobs. With its awareness of social responsibility and highly-qualified academic staff, IKUSEM offers its services to you, the institutions, with a broad range of education.