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Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

"In our Departments of Economics, Business Administration, Business Administration In English (Full English instruction),  International Relations, and International Trade our faculty, who have professional field experience in addition to academic expertise, prepare our students not just for a career but for life."

Prof. Dr. Ali Şen


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

IKU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was established in 1997 and had its first graduating class in 2001. Consisting of the Departments of Economics, Business Administration and International Relations, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has a mission of providing contemporary, high quality education to its undergraduate and graduate students.

Our faculty follows scientific developments and produces new information, passing it on to their students as well as transferring it into professional applications. In addition to their teaching duties, our faculty are active in publishing scientific articles in academic journals both within and outside of the country and participating in conferences and seminars.

The language of instruction at the Department of International Relations is English, and a preparatory year of language study is mandatory. The language of instruction is Turkish at the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Economics , where the preparatory year is optional. Additionally, the language of courses at the Department of Business Administration In English is English. Our students have the option to spend a semester or a year at various European universities through the Erasmus Program, as well as to enroll in a double-major or minor at other departments of the university. In order for our students to develop into sought out, qualified individuals in the professional world, the educational program is supported with regular conferences, seminars, debates and business field trips. Education is further enriched by in-class lectures on certain topics by guest speakers from the world of business. It is one of our main goals that our students adapt to the realities of the career groups they will belong to, as well as to professional life itself.

In addition to the education-related services, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Economics provide its students with research, training and counseling for field enterprises.


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