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CEHAMER (Criminal Law Application and Research Center)

Istanbul Kultur University Criminal Law Application and Research Center (RPCCL), is founded on 18.09.2008 within the framework of the Regulation No. 27001 to contribute to solve problems related Criminal Law Sciences; assist to provide the coherent cooperation in Criminal Law Sciences between Turkey and other countries, especially EU members and do scientific studies theoretically and practically.

The followings are some of aims of the Center:

  • To organize and attend national and international seminars, conferences, colloquiums etc. on Criminal law and related fields,
  •  To publish Turkish and foreign publications on criminal law and related subjects and contribute them,
  • To enter into relations with national and international foundations and institutes related to criminal law and related sciences, and develop them,
  • To establish archives and facilities related to its subject,
  • To follow national and international publications and make them store,
  • To establish temporal or permanent commissions to make researches, examinations, projects and related studies,
  • To cooperate with national and international specialists,
  • To open courses or organize seminars to improve staff members of related foundations and institutes and make them sufficient and qualified.

“Fasikül” is the publication of the Center. The first publication was published as the special edition in December 2009 and since January 2010, it has been published monthly by Seçkin Publishing Inc., which is one of the most reputable publishing houses of Turkey.

Prof.Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Bahri ÖZTÜRK
(Dr.h.c.Justus-Liebig Uni. Germany)
(Dr.h.c. Miskolc Egyetem Uni. Hungary)

Head of IKU Criminal Law Application and Research Center (RPCCL)