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Faculty of Health Sciences

The fundamental objective of our faculty is to educate individuals to be effective  and successful in order to fulfill the necessities of the health services in Turkey and train them with a modern, science-based approach  and ensure they are competent as well as respectful to universal and cultural values. In today’s world, modern medicine does not only strive to cure diseases, but also to prevent them and maintain health. This requires healthcare professionals to carry out multidisciplinary activities in terms of scientific studies and provided services. The Faculty of Health Sciences internalizes and applies this approach with its structure and academic programs. In line with this vision, the Faculty of Health Sciences has brought together the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics with the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in order to become a pioneering faculty in creating and developing health policies for our country and to become a faculty that is internationally and scientifically acclaimed and produces research that is referenced in global health sciences.