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Institute of Social Sciences

Institute of Social Sciences

Mission of Istanbul  Kültür University Social Sciences Institute is to  encourage students to do theoric and applied researches in Economics,  Art, Communication, Turkish and English Language and Literature   as well as  contributing to the education of the society via masters and doctorate programs of Istanbul Kültür University.



* Private Law
* Public Law
The Law Phd Program gives an education governed by  the new improvements of the comparative  law with a tendency  for  the theory and the application usage. Our university is the first foundation university  that received the permission to offer a PhD Program.


The goal of the Business Administration PhD Program of Istanbul Kultur University is to train up qualified academics. A very-good theoretical and research competency of the graduates is targeted.

Masters in Law (Thesis)
Private Law- Public Law
Emerging and important current issues and  lectures  about human rights are given while being compared with the European Union Law.

Masters in Economics – Masters in Management Economy ( Thesis and Non-Thesis)
Equipping the students with the substantial theoric infrastructure and in the economics field during their education and enabling them to analyze and solve the economic problems with their acquired knowledge in today’s globalizing world.  Bringing up individuals specialized in their fields who work in public or private sectors either in National or International platforms.   Profession Areas of the Management Economy Program are the Capital Markets, International Trade and Banking.

Masters in Communication Arts Program ( Thesis)
The Communication Arts Graduate Program provides students the opportunity to expertise academically on Public Relations and Advertisement areas. In this context of the graduate program, the students have the opportunity to make scientific research by being provided a broad knowledge about the basic theories related to Public Relations and Advertisement areas. The department has the aim to prepare individuals for the professional world where they can perceive the modern society’s cultural signs , analyze these signs, follow and interpret the changes and innovations in daily social life, media, culture , arts and communication areas. The knowledge of the students related to the area (Advertisement and Public Relations) are detailed by associating courses with different disciplines. At the same time with the help of elective courses the students are provided the opportunity to concentrate on the areas that they are interested in and want to improve themselves in.

Masters in Communication Design ( Thesis)
Master Program in Communication Design (filming, web design, graphic design, photography, animation and acting etc.,) is designed for the related areas or neighbor disciplines. In this context this program is a program which the students specialize in theoretical works.

Masters in English Language and Literature Program ( Thesis)
The Master of Arts in English Literature provides a theoretical basis for an advanced study of literature in English while permitting students to pursue their individual interests through elective courses. Students develop their understanding of literary history and literary genres, strengthen their grasp of critical approaches to literature and culture, and sharpen their analytical, interpretive and communication skills. Graduates of the program are prepared to pursue a doctoral degree in English; to teach at higher education institutions as instructors; or work in diverse job environments outside the academy, where their knowledge of the field, their linguistic, interpretive, and research skills are in demand.

Business Administration Graduate  Programs (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
Department of Business Administration is committed to following the developments in the field of business administration. The ultimate aim is to equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills, communication competence, and raise them as interrogative and enlightened individuals possessing entrepreneurial and leadership skills who can defend their ideas, and speak at least one foreign language.

Business Administration Distant Education Masters Program (Thesis and Non-Thesis)

Istanbul Kultur University Business Administration Distance Learning Graduate Program, aims to train up well-qualified students and well-informed about all functions of the Business Administration view. The qualification of time-saving by reaching the information and wasting minimum time with synchroneous  and asynchronous lectures is glitter of the program. Business Administration Distance Learning Graduate Program adress the participant who are from both academic and bussiness world.

Quality and Product Management Masters Program( Non-Thesis)
The objective of the program is to furnish future’s manager candidates in areas of quality and production management and to give a profound perspective in terms of global competition.
In case of sufficient demand, Program offers an additionally-paid education (arranged due to the confirmation and outline of International Personnel Certification Association, accredited certification body in Turkey), conferring “System Auditor” and “Head System Auditor” titles.
Business Administration Doctorate Program

Masters in Art Management Program (Thesis)
Masters Program is designed for those who would like to specialize in Art Management and for those who have completed their previous studies on different fields. Students who do a postgraduate degree in Art Management graduate having acquired skills in performing arts, contemporary art management, performance design and  artistic evaluation.

Masters in Turkish Language and Literature Program (Thesis)
Level of development of nations is understood through the richness of their languages, and therefore through new perspectives that are put into the service of humanity in the literary and art work they have shaped accordingly. The basis for this is, undoubtedly, education. We run a contemporary and extensive educational program in our department in order to make an incessant contribution to this basis. Another aim of this program is to meet the need for qualified people in the area of language and literature, prospective linguists, poets and writers who has artistic consciousness and sensibility. Thus, we aim to meet the need to produce high quality artistic and academic work by freethinker scholars who has scientific discipline.

Masters in Directing Program (Thesis)
Masters in Directing Program offers the opportunity do their masters in their own fields to the students who has a degree in the Acting, Fim-Television, Art Management Programs. Also non-field gradutes can work  as directors in show design and performing arts fields professionally.

European Union Studies (Thesis)
The aim of this program is to help the students to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills and work at European Unions Institutions, Secretariat General of the Council (of the European Union), the Foreign Ministry  and EU Departments of the Enterprises In the program where the medium of instruction is English, a trip to EU, NATO and UN  Geneva Office is being planned.

Masters in International Relations Program (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
Istanbul Kultur University International Relations Department also offers an MA degree which can be completed with or without writing a thesis. Aiming to provide its students with an analytical outlook to current international relations, the program includes courses offered by expert academicians, retired diplomats and active journalists. The focus of the MA program lies extensively in diplomacy and the graduates of the program are especially prepared for positions in international organizations and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the program where the medium of instruction is English, a trip to EU, NATO and UN  Geneva Office is being planned.

Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Thesis)
Institutions are the dynamos of the progress and change in this century and can find the advantage of competition  only if they can use the human resources in an effective way.