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Dear students,

The newly founded Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Kültür University, has begun education and training activities by including the existing Architecture Department, which was founded in 1998 and continued to develop for 15 years in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

Istanbul Kultur University, Undergraduate Architecture Program has been awarded for three-years continuous accreditation in 2010 and has been awarded 6 year accreditation with specialized assessment in the 3rd year, after the second visit completed by MİAK in 2014. The future departments of Faculty of Architecture are also aimed to fulfil requirements of the national and international accreditation boards, like the department of architecture. Besides, having a qualified teaching staff, developing networks with national and internationally recognized schools of architecture with student and academic staff exchange programs, creating suitable environments for students get employed find jobs and internships by establishing strong relationships with graduates and other external stakeholders may be listed as faculty's other goals.

Along with the university’s core mission, faculty of architecture aims to cultivate civilized, modern, free, exploratory, creative, dynamic professionals and entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the country and support public awareness with high scientific value of research, publications and applications. Producing new knowledge to raise humanity and to transfer it to the next generation is among the tasks of the Faculty of Architecture.

I’d like to present my love and respect and I wish you to experience the privilege of being a student of the faculty with such a mission and purpose which I’ve tried to summarize and foremost with the fundamental aims of education quality assurance.