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Faculty of Science and Letters

Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Science and Letters, was founded in 1997 and had its first graduates at the end of the academic year, 2000-2001. Today, our Faculty is conducting its academic and research activities with its highly qualified academic staff employed to meet the needs of our age.
The Faculty of Science and Letters offers four-year programmes leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in “Mathematics and Computer Science”, “Physics” and “Molecular Biology and Genetics”, and to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in “English Language and Literature”, “Turkish Language and Literature”, and “Psychology”.

For our successful students, there are double major programmes, which may be taken earliest in the third and latest in the fifth term. Our students may also enrol in the minor degree programmes.
Our Faculty also offers students international academic opportunities within the scope of the Erasmus/Socrates exchange programmes. There are the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) equivalences of the courses offered in the curriculum of each department.

Our students may take graduate courses during their undergraduate education in order to prepare themselves for graduate studies. Our senior students can enrol in three courses of a graduate programme. These courses are taken into consideration when the student pursues his/her education in a graduate programme offered by our University.   

Our Faculty also offers: MA Programmes in “English Language and Literature”, and in “Turkish Language and Literature”; MS Programmes in “Mathematics and Computer Science”, and in “Physics”; and PhD Programmes in “Mathematics” and  in “Turkish Language and Literature”.

  • To be ranked, in the next ten years, among the first five peer universities in our country with our rapidly increasing number of publications in international citation indexes and scientific activities.
  • To be one of three choices for students applying for university with our high academic standards.
  • To be a pioneering faculty with our infrastructure and institutionalization.
To be a prestigious faculty:
  • which is integrated with the international academic world and higher educational system,
  • which steers social, cultural, scientific and technological progress collaborating with institutions and corporations in research, development and production,
  • with its distinguished, experienced, world-renowned and self-confident staff who are fluent speakers of foreign language(s),
  • which is problem-solving, entrepreneurial and sensitive to the problems of our country,
  • which educates individuals who do not depart from Ataturk’s principles and reforms.