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An essential part of university education, the first step towards the professional life: INTERNSHIP.

Today, even the new graduates are expected to have work experience in the professional life.

And references are the golden key into the professional life.

How is it possible for a university student to gain job experience?

How can a university student find references if their family is not well-connected in the business world?


INTERNSHIP has all the answers.

The students who do an internship and work part-time during their university education not only graduate with work experience but also meet new people who can vouch for them, which is a key to professional life.

Since all companies/professionals are connected in business world, meeting new people during your internship is the key to employment not only in the company you work for but also for others.

In multinational companies, an internship application is nothing less than a job application. In recruitment, the interns gain an advantage over other applicants.

Whereas, small and medium sized enterprises get considerable efficiency by employing and training qualified university students.

Internship also helps students become familiar with business life and therefore helps them figure out which field or department they would like – or more importantly, which ones they would not like.

The most important way to figure out whether a career choice is suitable for you is to spend time with someone who works in the same field.

Business life is much easier for the students who become aware of these points during their university life.


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