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Board of Overseers


She was born in Istanbul in 1963. She has completed her primary education at Kültür Schools and secondary education at Robert College. She has acquired her bachelor’s degree at Boğaziçi University. Afterwards, she has received her master’s degree on ‘‘Education Administration’’ at California State University. At this university, she has worked as an assistant in the Department of Mathematics. She has attended administration workshops at many schools in California. At Kültür Science High School, she has worked as a mathematics teacher and as the principal. After 2002, she continued her duties at Kültür Schools as the General Manager of Kültür Schools. Bahar Akıngüç Günver has completed her doctorate at Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration in the Department of Behavioral Sciences, and her dissertation was published as a book under the name of ‘‘Aile İşletmeleri’’ (Family-owned Businesses). In addition to being the editor of the magazine ‘‘Yaşadıkça Eğitim’’ (Lifelong Education), Bahar Akıngüç Günver is the chairwoman of the Board of Overseers at İKÜ.



She was born in Istanbul in 1958. She has completed her primary and secondary education at Kültür Schools. Afterwards, she has graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics and got her degree in Business Administration-Statistics in 1979. She has received her master’s education at Control Date Institute in London on Computers and Programming. She has worked in the System Support and Programming Department for three years at NCR Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş. She has founded the Education and Administration Computer System of Kültür Schools and created the Information Processing Center. She has taken part in the foundation of Kültür 2000 Primary School and Pre-School which became active in 1998. In addition, she has served as a member of the Higher Advisory Board in the Association of Turkish Private Schools for the last two years.
Having undertaken various positions as Deputy General Manager, General Manager, and Executive Board Member/Chairman as of 1997, Ful Hanım currently works as Head of the Board of Directors of the İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions.  In addition, she is the Vice President of the Board of Trustees for İstanbul Kültür University.


Prof. Erhan GÜZEL Ph.D. (RECTOR)


He completed his bachelor’s (1977), master’s (1981), and doctorate (1987) degrees at Istanbul University Department of Mathematics. In 1978, he began his ten years of service in 1978 at Nazım Terzioğlu Mathematical Research Center as a mathematician. During this period, he worked as a researcher at Ecole D'Ete de CIMPA in Nice, France (1983) and at Department de Mathématiques in Université de Nice (1984). He earned his Assistant Professorship in 1988 and his Associate Professorship in 1990. He worked as a guest lecturer at Department de Mathématiques, Université de Caen in France in 1991. He earned his Professorship in 1995. After continuing with his career in the İ.Ü.F.F Mathematics department until 2010, he joined the academic staff at Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Mathematics-Computers Department. Apart from his academic career at İKÜ, he worked as a member of the Faculty Board (2010-2016) and as the Dean (2012-2013) of Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He was appointed as the Director of the Institute of Sciences in 2010 and as Vice Rector in 2012. With the decision of the İKÜ Board of Overseers meeting dated June 20, 2016, he was appointed as the rector. With the decision of the Board of Overseers meeting on November 7, 2016, he assumed his duty as the Deputy Rector. Prof. Dr. Erhan Güzel was appointed as the Rector of Istanbul Kültür University with a decree in the Official Gazette, dated June 2, 2017. Fluent in both English and French; Prof. Dr. Erhan Güzel published research papers in national and international peer-reviewed journals and articles in popular scientific journals on academic culture, higher education, science, mathematics, and the relationship of mathematics with other fields like science, arts, and sports.



Assoc. Prof. Cüneyt YÜKSEL PhD. (Member)

He was born in Mardin on January 1, 1970. His father’s name is Mehmet Edip and his mother’s name is Fatma. He has completed İstanbul University Faculty of Law with outstanding achievement. He has received his master’s degree at Harvard Law School. He has received his second master’s degree and doctorate degree at Stanford University in International Law. He has worked as a research fellow at Harvard, research fellow and instructor at Stanford, and guest lecturer at the University of Maryland School of Law. He has worked as an international lawyer in Washington, DC, and as a legal and administrative consultant for many multinational companies and governments. He has carried out duties as an associate professor at Boğaziçi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. He has published many scientific articles on law, economics, politics, EU, reform in government, and ethics. He has received the award for outstanding achievement at Stanford and ‘‘Harvard Outstanding Achievement Award’’ in 2003. He still acts as the president of Harvard Alumni Association Europe branch. He has also acted as the committee member for Turkey-EU Combined Parliament. Fluent in Arabic and English, Yüksel is married with three kids. He has been elected as a member of parliament from Mardin for AKP (Justice and Development Party) on June 2007 General Elections.


Ataman YILDIZ (Member)


He was born in Merzifon in 1938. After finishing Haydarpaşa High School, he has graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Economics in 1961. He has worked as Account Expert in the Ministry of Finance Account Experts Board between 1964-1974, as the Deputy General Manager of Financial and Administrative Affairs in Republic of Turkey’s Pension Fund between 1974-1980, as the Chief Account Expert in the Ministry of Finance between 1980-1981, as a Financial Advisor in the private sector (Ülker Group and foreign companies that build dams and roads) between 1981-1984, and as a member of the Prime Ministry Capital Market’s Board between 1994-1997. Ataman Yıldız is now the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Family Finans Kurumu A.Ş. and also works as certified public accountant. He is a member of Istanbul Kültür University Board of Overseers.


Mümin Cengiz ULTAV (Member)


He was born in Eskişehir on February 26, 1950. He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from METU in Electrical Engineering, and Computer and Control Options programs respectively, as well as Phillips International Institute diploma degree in the Netherlands. After carrying out both technical and administrative duties in Bimsa and Info companies in Turkey and in Dornier System GmbH abroad, he has worked as a Deputy General Manager in NCR and General Manager in Sun Microsistemler A.Ş. During that period, he provided consultancy services to Koç, Sabancı and Eczacıbaşı Groups. Since 1995, he has been involved with Vestel Elektronik A.Ş. management team efforts and still continues to carry out duties as the member of the Executive Board responsible for Strategic Planning and Investor Relations. He has acted as a consultant for the United Nations’ UNDP in Vietnam. He is a founding member of Türkiye Bilişim Vakfı (Turkey Informatics Foundation) and Unix Kullanıcıları Derneği (Unix Users’ Association). He is also Microsoft’s certified consultant on Solution Development Discipline. 


Retired Brigadier General İdris KORALP (Member)

He was born in Bursa on November 14, 1948. He has completed his primary and secondary education in Bursa, and his high school education at Kuleli Military High School. He has graduated from Turkish Military Academy as an Artillery Officer on August 30, 1968, and from National War College as Staff Captain in 1983. He has received German language education for a year in German Armed Forces Language School and Goethe Institute. He has acted as a military attaché in Bern for two years. He has received the title of Brigadier General in 1997 and completed his 32 years of military service in 2002. After his retirement, he began his post at Kültür Schools as the General Coordinator, as well as taking up responsibility as the Chairman of the Board in Rumeli Yönetici ve İş Adamları Derneği (Rumeli Administrators’ and Businesspersons’ Association). He has acted as a consultant for the Board of Directors in Kaya Turizm ve Yatırım Holding between the years 2006-2008 and as the Chairman of the Board for Bakırköy Sağlık, Eğitim, Kültür ve Sosyal Hizmet Vakfı (Bakırköy Health, Education, Culture and Social Services Foundation) in 2008. He is still the Chairman of the Board in Rumeli Yönetici ve İş Adamları Derneği Yönetim Kurulu and Bakırköy Sağlık, Eğitim, Kültür ve Sosyal Hizmet Vakfı. He is also a member of the İstanbul Kültür University Board of Overseers.


Aziz Aykut DEMİRAY (Member)

He was born in Balıkesir on August 2, 1954. He has graduated from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Administrative Sciences Department of Business Administration. His career in Türkiye İş Bankası, which began as an intern assistant inspector, has continued for 32 years until he left the bank on April 13, 2011 as Deputy General Manager. During his tenure in the bank, he has acted as a board member in some companies of the group. In this context; he has worked as the Chairman of the Board in companies İş-Net A.Ş., Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik A.Ş, İş Bank GmbH-Almanya and Arap-Türk Bankası A.Ş. He represented our country’s banking sector on MasterCard Europe Board of Directors. He still works in the Forbes Turkey magazine’s editorial consultancy board. He is a member of TÜSİAD (Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association) and Para Yöneticileri Derneği (Money Management Association). He has given lectures on Turkey’s Economy, fund management, and banking in many meetings at national and international level. Demiray is a father of two.

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