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Oppurtunity to study in South Korea with scholarship through Erasmus+Programme of European Commission

  • When can I study?

Within this call period, it is possible to study in the spring term of the academic year 2017-2018 at Myongji University in South Korea.

  • Who can apply?

The students of Business Administration, International Relations and English Language and Literature at Bachelor Level can apply only.

  • What are the terms and conditions for application?

-Being a full-time bachelor

-GPA at least 2,20/4.00

-Satisfactory amount of ECTS collected (30 ECTS at least)

-The total amount of Erasmus+ mobilities (past Erasmus activities+this activity) shall not exceed 12 months.


  • What is the deadline for application?

27 December 2017 (until 18.00)


  • What documents are required for application?Where shall I submit my application?

The applications shall be made through SAP Orion system only, there is no need of any other certificates.


  • Who are the Erasmus Coordinators of the related departments?


Business Administration Assist Prof.Dr. Murat Taha Bilişik
International Relations Ahmet Ertürk
English Language and Literature Assist Prof.Dr. Defne Türker Demir 


  • How many students shall be selected and for how long the students can study?

2 students shall be selected to study one smester (spring 2018)

  • How shall the applications be evaluated?

-Erasmus grade shall be calculated as follows;

 Erasmus Grade = (GPA converted into %100 system+ English Proficiency Exam Result)/2

  • Students shall be placed at Myongji University through their Erasmus grades in descending order.

-In certain cases, there might be changes in Erasmus grades of students such as;

1)Disabled students +10 points

2)Previous beneficiaries (participants) of Erasmus+Prog.-10 points

3)Attending Erasmus Mobility to a country where citizenship is held. -10 points


  • How shall be the grants distributed? How much shall the grants be?

Grants shall be distributed to the first two students ranked according to Erasmus Grades regardsless of their departments.

Students may waive the right to receive a grant or participate in mobility programme without having any grants- provided that the conditions for being an Erasmus student are fulfilled and the student is placed in the university.

Students who qualify for the grant shall be paid 650 € per month for the period from the begining of spring semester to the end of the final exams and 820 € for travel expenses.

You may contact us for detailed information on application through SAP Orion System.

We wish success for all of the applicants in advance.


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