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Access to Information Unit

Law on Right to Information entered into force on April 24th, 2004.

The ‘The Regulation on the Basis and Procedures in the Enforcement of the Law on Right to Information’, which is one of the most important regulations in Turkish public administration, was published in the Official Gazette on April 27th, 2004.

The petitioner is informed about the requested document or information within 15 business days.

If the document or information concerns more than one institution, the access is granted within 30 business days. In this case, the petitioner is notified about the reason for extension within 15 business days.

Access to Information Written Application Forms:

Access to Information Form (for Real Persons)

Access to Information Form (for Legal Persons)


For applications via regular mail:

Address: Istanbul Kültür University,
E5 Karayolu üzeri, Bakırköy, Istanbul 34158


For applications via e-mail:


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