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On associate, bachelor’s and graduate level, Istanbul Kültür University graduates individuals who know about the modern technologies, are equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to satisfy the needs of production, application and management; can work in the international business world; and have good work ethic, team spirit and entrepreneurship skills.

Istanbul Kültür University began its activities as an educational institution in the 1997-1998 academic year with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Mathematics-Computer Department), Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (Business Administration Department), Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering Departments), and the Vocational Schools of Business Administration and Technical Sciences (Business Administration Program and Computer Programming Program) with 157 students and an academic staff of 32 people.

Our university will celebrate its 20th anniversary on July 15, 2017. Our university has students graduating from 33 bachelor’s programs at the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Design, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, and the Faculty of Engineering; and from 23 associate programs at the Vocational School of Business Administration, Vocational School of Justice and Vocational School of Technical Sciences. Our Faculty of Health Sciences will be opened in 2017-2018 academic year with Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department and Nutrition and Dietetics Department. Our university also has students graduating from master’s and doctorate programs in 14 departments at the Institute of Social Sciences and the Institute of Science. Istanbul Kültür University had 16,810 graduates since 2001 and trained experts in their fields.

Since its foundation, Istanbul Kültür University has been among the prestigious universities of Turkey with its students, academic and administrative staff, and graduates. İKÜ further improved its place among the top universities of Turkey and the world with the success stories of its graduates.

Moving into the professional life with the prestigious credentials of Istanbul Kültür University, our graduates serve all over the world as professionals with sound work ethics and respect towards science, technology, society and human rights.

Istanbul Kültür University sustains its relationship with its alumni through its Student Life, Career and Alumni Advisory Unit (ÖYKMDB). By updating the alumni data, maintaining the communication with the alumni and improving their career opportunities, ÖYKMDB contributes to the creation and improvement of an alumni network.

İKÜ Alumni Association (İKÜMED) began its operations in 2012 with the mission of ‘contributing to the social, cultural, athletic, professional and scientific lives of our alumni; increasing cooperation between members; providing career opportunities; solving the problems of the members and the students; and in short, carrying out activities that will make the members feel like they’re a part of the Kültür family’.

İKÜMED contributes to strengthening these family ties by providing various programs and services for their alumni; such as İKÜMED magazine, cultural trips and art events, and the alumni network.



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