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Rector’s Message

A university prioritizes reason over emotions in a setting of philosophical discussions and provides the students with an environment where they raise their awareness through observation and discussion in pursuit of the truth.

The truth that we pursue is the only authority which can take a stand against prejudices, taboos, dogmas and arbitrary impunities, and which can overcome the despair of the humanity, environment or society in the face of problems and therefore relieve their pain.

This pursuit does not come easy and we know that; however, we also know that it’s not impossible.

As an institution that prioritizes entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and creativity, and creates global and local added value; Istanbul Kültür University always strives to be better in education and research with an understanding that has been built with Kültür Educational Institutions’ 57 years of experience in education.

As we also hold cultural improvement dear in addition to education and research; we work together for social responsibility through civilized discussions without alienating, marginalizing, and compromising the principles of freedom of mind and respect for labor.

Thank you,

Prof. Dr. Erhan Güzel


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2017-07-19 16:16:36