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Computer Programming Main Page

Computer Programming

Program Objectives Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee International Cooperations
Establishment Tuition Fee Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Qualification Awarded Double Major–Minor Programs Access to Further Studies
Language of Instruction Internship Departmental Facilities
Mode of Education Grading Scheme Program Activities
Admission and Registration Requirements Graduation Requirements Contact Information

Program Objectives

Computer Programming is the process of designing, writing,testing, debugging and maintaining the source code of computer programs. Computer programmers are professionals who write, test, resolve problems and perform maintenance for computer programs and software. They may also be responsible for designing, creating and testing scenarios to solve coding problems. Programmers may also be charged with expanding, modifying or updating existing programs.The curriculum of computer programming consists of web design, database, hardware, software and other related fields. Students of this program will have the sufficent knowledge, skills and work discipline. They will emphasize work ethics while claiming responsibility at their tasks. The students will be prepared to follow the new developments, believe in continiuous learning and feel comfortable with the newest technologies.


Computer Programming curriculum is established on July 9, 1997 at the Vocational School, which started in Istanbul Culture University according to Law No. 4281. The program offered classes in Sirinevler Main Campus from 1997 to 1999, Sirinevler Faculty of Arts and Sciences building from 1999 to 2005 and Sirinevler Vocational School building from 2005 to 2009. The program is based in Incirli Campus since 2009-2010 education year.

Qualification Awarded

Undergraduate degree in Computer Programming is given to students who complete all theirs courses successfully in the 2-year course plan with 120 AKTS.

Language of Instruction


Mode of Education


Admission and Registration Requirements

The Central Placement Exam in Computer Programming program with 70 students are accepted by ÖSYM. Insert in the center candidates Progarmcılığı Computer Program, TYT scores, higher education programs related to the preferences and quotas, and conditions in mind, these programs are placed ÖSYM'ce. Program of Computer Programming, records of the particular time frame set by ÖSYM made by the Student Affairs Office.
Program Code Score Type Program Name Discount rate Quota (2018) Success Order (2017) Base Points (2017) Progrogram Fee (2018)
203050441 TYT Computer Programming Burslu 7 398.238 264,046 0,00 ₺
203050459 TYT Computer Programming %50 İndirimli 39 1.270.614 183,099 11.000,00 ₺
203090121 TYT Computer Programming %75 İndirim 24 Yeni Yeni 5.500,00 ₺

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Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee

for detail..

Tuition Fee

for detail.

Double Major–Minor Programs

Students of the Computer Programming program have a Double Major with other associate degree programs. Information can be obtained from the program presidency. Computer Programming students can do double major in the following programs.   Optician   Child Development   Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology   Construction Technology   Radio and Television Technology   Aircraft Technology   Flight Operations Management   Banking and Insurance   Office Management and Executive Assistance Program   Foreign trade   Graphic design   Public Relations and Publicity   Air Logistics   Business Administration   Logistics   Fashion design   Management of health institutions   Civil Aviation Management   Civil Aviation Cab Services   Medical Documentation and Secretariat   Tourism and hotel Management  


Training is compulsory for a total of 40 working days. These internships at the end of the first year 20, and as done in 20 working days after the second year in a total of 40 business days 2 can also be made at the end of the year.

Graduation Requirements

Which is available in the program (a total of 120 ECTS) to successfully complete all courses on a 4.00 weighted grade point average of at least 2.00 to achieve

International Cooperations

Through the university Erasmus office, the successful students of Erasmus student mobility and the mobility of Erasmus student internship programs are provided with the opportunity to travel abroad.

Partner Universities


Occupational Profiles Of Graduates


Our graduates prepare, install, operate and provide technical support for information technologies and infrastructure. They are working for firms, particularly involved in finance, communication, software and web design. The positions that are offered to our graduates include technician, technical support specialist, sales specialist, software specialist and middle manager.

Access to Further Studies

Graduates with a 4-year faculty DGS exam  

 • Computer engineering

• Computer Technology and Information Systems

• Teaching Computer and Instructional Technology

• Computer and Software Engineering

• Computer-Informatics

• Information Systems Engineering

• Information Systems and Technologies

• Industrial Engineering

• Physics

• Physics Engineering

• Statistics

• Statistics and Computer Science

• Control and Automation Engineering

• Mathematics and Computer Science

• Mathematics-Computer

• Meteorological Engineering

• Computer Science

• Space Engineering

• Software engineering

Software Engineering Degree Programs can switch to the vertical. (DGS)

Departmental Facilities

 In İncirli Campus, we have updated PC labs, amfi salons for seminars.

   Classes in Computer Programming involve project and homework applications and are thought by faculty members who have significant experience in the industry. The computer labs are equipped with the newest technologies and use the most recent applications.

Program Activities

 In Computer Programming Program, some seminars are organized on software skills, workshop activities.

 We organize seminars and conferences in cooperation with firms and institutions in the industry to inform our students about the market. We also request officials to explain the required employment qualifications for vocational school graduates. Our goal is to equip our graduates with the demanded qualifications by participating in projects with these firms and institutions.

Contact Information

Program Chair: Lecturer Murat TEKİN  

 Phone: 90 (212) 498 49 71


Phone    :90 (212) 498 41 41 / 4971

Program Advisor: 
Lect. Burak ÖÇLÜ e-mail: Tel:212 498 49 71
Address  :İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, Meslek Yüksekokulu, 
İncirli Yerleşkesi, Yolbaşı S., 34147 Bakırköy/İstanbul.