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Private Law (PHD)
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Private Law (PHD) Main Page

Private Law (PHD)

Program Objectives Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee International Cooperations
Establishment Tuition Fee Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Qualification Awarded Double Major–Minor Programs Access to Further Studies
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Program Objectives

The main purpose of the Ph.D. programme on Private Law, which also purposes students to gain the skill of creating ideas on present private law issues, is to make students specialize on the issues of Civil Law, Contract Law,  European Union Law  by examining the present private law issues.


Ph.D. Programme on Private Law has been being conducted since academic year of 2003-2004. Istanbul Kültür University Law Facultyis the first foundation university law faculty which was authorized to establish the Ph. D. Programme by YÖK (Turkish Council of Higher Education). Prof. Dr. İlhan ULUSAN was the Head of Department of Private Law until academic year of 2010-2011 and  Prof. Dr. Merih Kemal OMAĞ has been Vice Head of Department of Private  Law since his appointment in 2011.

Qualification Awarded

Ph.D. Degree on Private Law is given to the students, who pass total 7 courses, the proficiency test and complete thesis offer and thesis successfully in 4 years (8 semesters) and have min. 240 ECTS.

Ph.D. Degree on Private Law is given to the students under Direct Ph.D. Education Plan for 5 years (10 Semesters) , who pass total 15 courses including mandatory courses, the proficiency test, and complete thesis offer and thesis successfully and have min. 300 ECTS.

Language of Instruction

Language of instruction is Turkish. 

Mode of Education

Full-time and requires a thesis.

Admission and Registration Requirements


• Students graduated from Law faculty can apply Ph.D. on Private Law 

• Having min. 55 (for the students who apply Ph.D. proragmme without LL.M., are required min. 70) of equiponderant points from ALES (Turkish Academical Education Exam), which was taken in 3 years.
• Having min. 55 points from ÜDS (Turkish Academic Language Exam) or equipollent point approved by Inter Universities Council. Non – Turkish students are required to have min. 55 points of English, German or French Language (except for his/her native language) from ÜDS (Turkish Academic Language Exam) or equipollent point approved by Inter Universities Council.


• Candidate students need the following documents at the time of application;
-  A Copy of Diploma,
-  A Copy of ALES Document,
-  A Copy of Transcript,

-  A Copy of Foreign Language Certificate
-  Military Service Document  (for men),
-  2 Headshot Photos,
-  A Copy of ID
-  Voucher of Fees of Registration.

• Student ID Document should be filled and given to the Department in Charge for the certain registration.

• The original documents mentioned above, resident paper, a copy of ID submitted by a Public Notary, 6 photos and the paper which shows first payment of education fees is paid will be required. 


Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee

for detail..

Tuition Fee

for detail.

Double Major–Minor Programs

Double Major and Minor Programs are not possible at LL.M. on Private Law 


The program does not require any internship


Graduation Requirements

Min. B (3.00/4.00) is required as average of the courses (courses should correspond to total 60 ECTS). Also, proficiency test should be passed (30 ECTS) and Ph.D. thesis is needed to be approved (150 ECTS).

For the students of Direct Ph.D. Programme (without master thesis) are required Min. B (3.00/4.00) as average of the courses (courses should correspond to total 120 ECTS). Also, proficiency test should be passed (30 ECTS) and Ph.D. thesis is needed to be approved (150 ECTS).

International Cooperations

Istanbul Kültür University Faculty of Law provides the opportunity for our students to gain experience at abroad by making agreements with foreign country universities within the frame of ERASMUS program. Our Faculty continues its activities on international scale by making student and instructor exchange through Erasmus program. As a result of our Erasmus activities which started in year 2004, cooperation is implemented today with some EU universities. 

Following Universities implement student exchange under bachelor’s degree program within the frame of Erasmus Agreement.

Erasmus Partner Universities:

*Trier University – Germany

*Saarbrücken University – Germany
*Aristo Selanik University – Greece
*Bochum Ruhr University – Germany

*Westfalische Wilhems Münster  University – Germany

*Leipzig Üniversitesi University – Germany

*Justus-Liebig Giessen University – Germany

*Viadrina European University – Germany

*Salzburg University – Austria
*Miskolc Üniversitesi - Hungary

Occupational Profiles Of Graduates

The students who graduate the program have wide knowledge to perform various professions easily in the society. They find opportunity to work especially in magistracy, prosecution, attorneyship, notary, law consultancy, occupations having technical quality as well as in administration in fields operating in mass communication (media) sector, banks, insurance companies, private sector and public sector, as inspector/ auditor in inspection boards and as external relations specialist on international scale.


Access to Further Studies

Departmental Facilities

Private Law Ph.D. students can take two courses from Ph.D. on Private Law 

Program Activities

Contact Information

The Head of Private Law

Prof. Dr. Merih Kemal OMAĞ

Tel : (0212) 498 4671