Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
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Course CodeSemester Course Name LE/RC/LA Course Type Language of Instruction ECTS
YDD0004 3/0/0 EL 3
Course Goals
 Recognizing a new culture with a different language, eliminate prejudice  2. A 1.2 in our program students at the foot of the indirect narration can understand sentences and frequently used expressions. (person, family, shopping, business, and information about its immediate environs, etc.) In cases where the alien is not simple and frequently encountered can communicate. Simple statements with where you're from, training, can you tell me the area near and concrete needs.  3. Tanıtabilmelerini themselves and others, yöneltebilmelerini and other people personal questions would correspond to these types of questions (where we sat down, we like what's going on who acquaintances, etc.)  4. enrichment of Cultural vocabularies  5 speaks slowly and clearly and if they help can interact with them as a result of thisand 

Formun Üstü

to be able to use different technics for to get the knowledge

To develop their critical thinking

to respect the different culture

to know their own culture and the others

to be able to use different strategy

generation is not simple, it is possible to program.

Prerequisite(s) none
Corequisite(s) none
Special Requisite(s) none
Instructor(s) Ayşe Güvenir
Course Assistant(s) none
Schedule wednesdays, 09:00; 1C/8-10
Office Hour(s) wednesdays,13:30; office for the guest lecturer, 4.floor, B
Teaching Methods and Techniques -communicative and interactive
Principle Sources -·         Menschen, Deutsch als Fremdsprache , Kursbuch (A1.2) Sandra Evans, Angela Pude, Franz Specht(ISBN-978-3-19-501901-9)

·         Menschen, Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Arbeitsbuch(A1.2) Sabine Glas-Peters, Angela Pude, Monika Reimann(ISBN 978-3-19-511901-6)

·         Pons Express Wörterbuch Deutsch – Türkisch , Türkisch – Deutsch

Other Sources -worksheets prepared from A. Güvenir
Course Schedules
Week Contents Learning Methods
1. Week To have a problem at the hotel and to solve the problem, to ask for any help OP,R
2. Week Casting; to plan for the future; wishes fort he future, modalverb: will OP,R
3. Week Reading: how to be a popstar and answer the questions about the text; modalverb ; structure of the sentence OP,R
4. Week to watch a video , answer the the questions and review of the grammar OP,R
5. Week Body and sport,at the doctor, emotions, body particle, imperative,personel pronoun in accusativ OP,R
6. Week Medicines, to have pains, natural medicines and video OP,R
7. Week Midterm
8. Week Midterm
9. Week to describe the persons, smalltalk, characteristics and appearance OP,R
10. Week past-tense of the verbs :to have and to be ; adjectives about the characteristics and appearance OP,R
11. Week Activities at home, accusative case, impe- rative, to write a diary and read about the diary of Line OP,R
12. Week your opinion, rules at the traffic; verbs to may and to must OP,R
13. Week review and the watch some videos and do the questions and speak about them OP,R
14. Week final-exam
15. Week
16. Week
17. Week
Evaluation tools Quantity Weight(%)