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English Language Education Program
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Literature and Language Teaching I

Course CodeSemester Course Name LE/RC/LA Course Type Language of Instruction ECTS
ELT5003 5 Literature and Language Teaching I 2/0/0 CC English 3
Course Goals
 Example short stories and novels from British and American and those which are originally produced in English; identification of the distinctive features of short stories and novels; different approaches to using literature with teenage and adult learners at all levels; examining ways in which the teaching of literature and language in these two genres (short story and novel), exploring theoretical and practical dimensions of this integration; analysis of literary texts as content and as context; culture teaching through short stories and novel in the following domains: comparison and contrast between objects or products that exist in the target and native culture; proverbs, idioms, formulaic expressions which embody cultural values; social structures, roles and relationships; customs/ rituals/ traditions; beliefs, values, taboos and superstitions; political, historic and economic background; cultural institutions; metaphorical/ connotative meanings, use of humor.
Special Requisite(s)
Course Assistant(s)
Office Hour(s)
Teaching Methods and Techniques Lecture, group work, observation, discussion
Principle Sources
Other Sources
Course Schedules
Week Contents Learning Methods
1. Week Discussion of the academic calendar and course outline
2. Week Teaching literature: why, what and how.
3. Week Approaches to using literature with the language learner
4. Week Selecting and evaluating materials, Literature in the classroom
5. Week First encounters
6. Week Student presentations
7. Week Maintaining momentum
8. Week Mid-term exam
9. Week Exploiting highlights
10. Week Student presentations
11. Week Endings
12. Week Student presentations
13. Week Examination of sample lesson plans for young learners (short story)
14. Week Designing a lesson for young learners
15. Week
16. Week
17. Week
Evaluation tools Quantity Weight(%)
Midterm(s) 1 25
Homework / Term Projects / Presentations 1 35
Final Exam 1 40

Program Outcomes
PO-1Understand English phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics at advanced level.
PO-2Define the contemporary language learning theories.
PO-3Identify different language learning purposes for various levels.
PO-4Recognize appropriate teaching methods, techniques and strategies for specific purposes.
PO-5Develop skills in listening, speaking and writing for helping learners of English to use language appropriately and comprehensibly.
PO-6Design professional applications for teaching the English language.
PO-7Apply professional assesment tools and methods.
PO-8Determine the problems and solutions at the ELT classroom settings.
PO-9Comprehend the importance of lifelong learning strategies.
PO-10Practice classroom management skills.
Learning Outcomes
LO-1Students will have knowledge of the techniques that can be used to offer students language support and practice in relation to the literary text at hand.
LO-2Students will be able to design activities through which they can offer language support and practice in relation to the literary text at hand.
LO-3Students will be able to design lessons and produce activities that help students understand and appreciate literary texts.
LO-4Students will have knowledge of the techniques that can be used to help students understand and appreciate literary texts.
LO-5Students will be able to judge the appropriateness of literary materials.
LO-6Pre-service teachers will be informed of the approaches used in integrating literature in EFL classrooms.
Course Assessment Matrix:
Program Outcomes - Learning Outcomes Matrix
 PO 1PO 2PO 3PO 4PO 5PO 6PO 7PO 8PO 9PO 10
LO 1
LO 2
LO 3
LO 4
LO 5
LO 6