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Cosmic Voyage

Course CodeSemester Course Name LE/RC/LA Course Type Language of Instruction ECTS
PHU0007 Cosmic Voyage 2/0/0 EL English 2
Course Goals
Understanding our place in the universe and the structure of our universe, learning how recent key discoveries are made with a scientific policy, Recognizing celestial objects and the sky
Prerequisite(s) -
Corequisite(s) -
Special Requisite(s) -
Instructor(s) Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşegül F. YELKENCİ
Course Assistant(s) -
Schedule -
Office Hour(s) Assist. Prof.Dr. Aysegul Yelkenci, Tueaday 1 pm
Teaching Methods and Techniques -Multimedia, Obsservation, Lecture, Demonstration
Principle Sources -“Astronomy Today”,  8th Edition,  E. Chaisson, S. McMillan, 2014, Pearson


Other Sources -
Course Schedules
Week Contents Learning Methods
1. Week Our Place in Space: A Cosmic Voyage Multimedia
2. Week The Birth Of Modern Science Multimedia
3. Week Earth: Our Home in Space Multimedia
4. Week Life in the International Space Station Multimedia
5. Week Telescopes: Tools of Astronomy Multimedia
6. Week Solar System and Beyond Multimedia
7. Week Space Explorations Multimedia
8. Week The Sun: Our Parent Star Multimedia
9. Week Midterm Exam Midterm Exam
10. Week The Stars: Dwarfs, Giants, Binaries, Variables Multimedia
11. Week The Life and Death of A Star Multimedia
12. Week Neutron Stars and Black Holes Multimedia
13. Week The Milky Way : A Spiral In Space Multimedia
14. Week The Large Scale Structure of The Cosmos Multimedia
15. Week Final Exam Final Exam
16. Week
17. Week
Evaluation tools Quantity Weight(%)
Midterm(s) 1 40
Homework / Term Projects / Presentations 2 20
Final Exam 1 40