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Human and Symbols

Course CodeSemester Course Name LE/RC/LA Course Type Language of Instruction ECTS
PSKU0002 Human and Symbols 2/0/0 EL Türkçe 2
Course Goals
 Recognizing the knowledge, thoughts and expressions settled into mythosis and symbols from ancient cultures to our time; understanding the association systems and language of mythosis and legends; comprehending keys of rooted symbols and signs belonged to their implicit languages;  recognizing what lies behind the thoughts, beliefs and effective symbols that had been protected and carried to these days.
Prerequisite(s) none
Corequisite(s) none
Special Requisite(s) none
Instructor(s) Dr. Burak Berber, Dr. Burak Berber, Dr. Burak Berber, Dr. Burak Berber
Course Assistant(s) none
Schedule Wednesday, 12:00-14:00, Atakoy Campus, Seminar II
Office Hour(s)
Teaching Methods and Techniques -Lecture

Principle Sources -İnsan ve Sembolleri, C.G.Jung
-Kahramanın Yolculuğu, Joseph Campbell   -Gizler Gizemler, Ali Nahit Babaoğlu   -Modern Mitoloji, Ömer Tecimer   -Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike
Other Sources -
Course Schedules
Week Contents Learning Methods
1. Week Developmental process of symbol using in abstract thinking and human communication. Lecture
2. Week Short introduction to collective unconscious and archetypes. Lecture
3. Week Known symbols and their meanings in universal, realm, heaven and saintliness concepts. Lecture
4. Week Symbol systems and writing Lecture
5. Week Story telling by means of symbols and signs. Lecture
6. Week Origins of mythosis Lecture
7. Week Modern world and mythosis Lecture
9. Week Temper architecture and symbolism from cave to church and mosques. Lecture
10. Week Language, holy sounds and syllables. Lecture
11. Week Ancient cultures and knowledge keeping. Lecture
12. Week Nouns, holy words and their etymological developments. Lecture
13. Week The evil eye bead, ankh, eye of Ra, hand of Fatima, cross, spiral, crescent and other popular symbols. Lecture
14. Week Animal symbols and symbolized plants. Lecture
15. Week Holy accepted land forms. Masks of eternity. Lecture
16. Week Symbols of birth, life, sexuality and maturation. Lecture
Evaluation tools Quantity Weight(%)