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Labour Law

Course CodeSemester Course Name LE/RC/LA Course Type Language of Instruction ECTS
HUKU0001 Labour Law 2/0/0 EL Turkish 2
Course Goals
The purpose of Labor Law I is to offer the basic concepts related to individual labor law and to acquire the theoritical and practical knowledge in order to arrive a pasific solution for  labor conflicts between the employer and  worker working under an employment contract.
Prerequisite(s) no
Corequisite(s) no
Special Requisite(s) Attendance
Instructor(s) Assist. Prof. Dr. Ender Demir
Course Assistant(s) Beste Gemici Filiz
Schedule Monday, 09:00-11:00- amp 5
Office Hour(s) Monday 13:00-16:00 Şirinevler Campus H-401/03
Teaching Methods and Techniques Lecture, discussion, question and answer,  case work.
Principle Sources Sarper SÜZEK, İş Hukuku, Beta, İstanbul, 2010
Other Sources Nuri ÇELİK, İş Hukuku Dersleri, Beta, İstanbul 2010
Course Schedules
Week Contents Learning Methods
1. Week Concepts and sources of labor law Oral presentation
2. Week Basis concepts: worker, employer, establishment (work place) and employer's representative, the principal employer- subcontractor employer relationship Oral presentation, case work
3. Week The principle of equal treatment Oral presentation, case work
4. Week The transfer of the establishment or one of its sections Oral presentation, case work
5. Week Temporary employment relationship Oral presentation, case work
6. Week The concept of employment contract, The types of employment contract, employment contract for a definite term and for an undefinite term, parttime and fulltime employment contract Oral presentation, case work
7. Week Midterm Concepts of job security, Notice of termination Oral presentation, case work
8. Week Justification of termination with a valid reason, the termination of the employer of an indefinite period employment contract for not valid reason. Oral presentation, case work
9. Week Reinstatement of the worker in his work Oral presentation, case work
10. Week Right to immediate termination Oral presentation, case work
11. Week Collective dismissal Oral presentation, case work
12. Week Wages and its remuneration, minimum wage and over time wage Oral presentation, case work
13. Week Organization of work Oral presentation, case work
14. Week Occupational health and safety Oral presentation, case work
15. Week Final Exams Week
16. Week Final Exams Week
17. Week Final Exams Week
Evaluation tools Quantity Weight(%)
Midterm(s) 1 20
Attendance 14 10
Final Exam 1 70